My friend Wout Stroucken invited me to his exhibition 'Protospective', at Project Space 'Mokka Kapot' in Antwerpen.
He invited the participants to make a work they would like to look back on in a future retrospective of their work, no matter if fictional or real.
Here is the accompanying text to the flag I made for the exhibition:

'Friday, 15th January 2044 is the founding date of a New European Union initiated by Jim Loge, Wip van Rinkle and Karl Fried.
After the original concept of the European Union fails in 2026 due to it singular focus on economics and trade, people all over the continent start to search for alternative political visions.

In the midst of the social unrest, a group of young creatives starts to meet regularly in the urge to search a new identity for the European idea. They invite specialists from Aeronautics to Zoology to discuss inspiring future visions and develop alternative political strategies.
What starts with workshops and interventions, soon becomes a political movement manifested in two head organisations.
The research institute ‘ACEF’ (Applied Creativity for EUtopian Futures) and a political party NE (New Europe).
The group purchases premises all over the beautiful but abandoned European countrysides, refurbishes them and starts using them as research centers and headquarters for the (by now) numerous franchises of the movement.

In 2029, the movement assigns 20 international ministers with their own resorts including the three men who started the movement: Jim Loge (Pop Anthropology), Wip van Rinkle (Absurdity and the Unconventional) and Karl Fried (Subtleties of Identity).

By 2031 the NE is part of all European parliaments and continues to change the tone of the political debate to more open, subtle, curious, differentiated and intuitive realms.
In November 2038 the first declarations of intent are signed to redevelop a multi-national parliament and a global research network program. Also the structures of the old European parliament are to be renewed to function as a ‘Parallel Parliament for Buroceatics, Trade and Such’.

On January 15th 2044 after all the ‘New European Constitution’ is signed legally by the leaders of all European countries (yes all), as well as symbolically by the three honourable minsters who started the movement at its very beginning with their workshops and interventions.'