ISOCARP 2015 Communication

The International Society Of City And Regional Planners - ISOCARP is hosting it’s annual congress in 12 cities in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium in 2015. For their 50th’s anniversary they wanted to attract a younger audience and communicate new possibilities, chances and challenges of the profession. Therefor they asked us to create a new corporate identity starting with a web page and a logo. We created personalized patterns in form of abstracted city scapes for each participant which are used in different mediums. We combined parts of the old logo and the new slogan in a dynamic rhombus shape in ISOCARP’s colours to combine old values with the new dynamics. The web page is interactive. Host cities upload talking points and interesting papers on their own pages to create lively discussions and develop content which will feed into the actual workshops in 2015. Check out the page at


Nick Meehan