Millennial Church Research

The Millennial Church is a scenario and research into creating religion-like habits without the worship to a deity, to deal with worldly problems of our time. Next to worship, fanaticism and dogmas, religions have always provided structures to cope with all day struggles, may it be on a private, social, artistic or architectural level. Many of them nowadays fall under the critique of religion in general, but work also without believing in a particular god or spirit. They can for example help coping with loneliness, confusion, fear, indifferences, exclusion, restlessness or disease and death. It is private rituals and institutions of sports, entertainment and consume which are taking over some of the functions which were assigned to religions but there is hardly any deliberate, focussed discourse about this topic. Therefor I researched peculiarities of different religions and modern beliefs and interviewed people of my generation about their personal habits, problems and dreams. Mixing all the inputs, I created customs like the Procession of Fools, a Techno Monk, the Second Self, a Train Ride Meditation, Escape Chapels, a Forgotten-Art Pilgrimage, a Sunrise Worship or the Temple of Travels. Together they function as a tool for discours, if embracing religion-like behaviours in our lives and giving them a place can be worth while.