Mnemosyne Atlas 2

For the 'Young Art Night' in the Van Abbe Museum in Eindhoven I was invited to show my work 'Once Upon Many Times'. I also got the chance to create some new work. Therefor I took three texts inspired by the greek muses Melpomene (Tragedy), Calliope (eloquence & epic poetry) and Urania (astronomy) and illustrated them with imagery from the Google image search. Other then in 'Once Upon Many Times' (book), I tried to capture the full range of narrative on one wooden board/ canvas. The text for 'Melpomene' came from the book 'Lord Jim' by Joseph Conrad who is a classic figure in literature which stands for being helplessly exposed to misfortune and disaster. 'Calliope' was inspired by the text 'For the blind man in the dark room looking for the black cat that wasn't there' by Anthony Huberman. In it he elaborates on different concepts of unknowing and the sublimity of not knowing anything. Finally 'Urania' was inspired by a poem about space travel in Friedrich Dürrenmatt's 'Die Physiker' in which a brave group of scientists and adventurers drifts into the endless hostilities of space and there dreadful, senseless deaths. All together the three texts/ muses resemble for me a permanent struggle of humanity, which is how to deal with external natural forces and the fear of dead and failure. Either one surrenders to their ever evolving creative forms of misery, or one takes it sarcastically, or one tries to control it with knowledge and willpower, possibly only to drive eyes-wide-open into the next disaster.