Tulips, Kebab and Michael Jackson

This book is the result of a research about the cultural identity of two Dutch cities and Istanbul and their relation to tradition. We started investigating the craft of porcelain painting, which is of similar technique and importance in both Turkish and Dutch history, and used it as a tool to compare how people value this tradition nowadays. As a result we found that the identification with tradition nowadays is less a question of national identity then of the cultural identity you feel connected to, which can overlap national boarders. In what we called the puzzle of identity one combines items, commodities, behaviours, representations, trends from all kind of cultural backgrounds to create and support the character one represents in society. Local tradition in this way becomes not more or less important then, pop culture, religion, sports, travels, family, occupation or sub culture. We combined interviews, quotes, stories, photography and collected imagery from all cities to support the theoretic research we made during the half year experience and brought it together in this book. The results were curated and exposed at the Designhuis in Eindhoven.