Digital States

In the future digital corporations will take over functions which nowadays are provided by physical states. Security, education, entertainment, finances and identity are more and more based on digital systems and allow thus the rise of digital states along with a total new understanding of nationality. Feelings of belonging and physical relationships are bridged by technology and start to be less and less dependent on location. These flags are an imagination of different forms of possible future states and food for thought.
What if you can become a citizen of a company, what if states have to work together to offer better digital services for example in banking or tax questions? Can you have several nationalities according to the services you prefer? Is there a chance for totally new states to exist? Can the physical states maintain authority when most of
their functions are outsourced?
In 2014 Estonia became the first state to offer digital citizenships called E-Residency to anybody. Surely they won’t be the last country or organisation to do so.