As a creative allrounder I like to describe my qualities as in applying creative thinking to a wide range of practices. I have contributed to projects for commercial clients, cultural institutions, design studios, political communication agencies and artists, with services ranging from classic design and production to developing communication- & education concepts and offering cultural- & visual research. Next to that, I have continued to develop and share my own artistic vision in collaborations and exhibitions. My work navigates in the space between science and poetry, humour and sincerity, facts and intuition.

I was born and raised in Berlin and lived in the Netherlands for ten years, before coming back to my hometown in late 2019. After graduating in Man and Communication at the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2013, I moved to Amsterdam, to work as a designer, art director, and artist assistant. The unique Bachelor course at DAE, headed by the artist duo Strange Attractors, took place in an atmosphere of collaboration, interdisciplinary exchange and hands on learning, which leaves me without fear for new challenges and with a great network of energetic professionals and inspiring friends, spread all over the world.

I am always looking forward for new professional adventures, connections and collaborations and will be excited to hear from you! (in German, English, Dutch or a bit of French)

communication as profession
surprise as drive
observing by nature
systematic by origin
political at heart