Secret Notes

In collaboration with French artist Anne-Xûan Llanes i designed ‘Secret Notes’ which is a note book, with a secret revelation dedicated to the painter Johannes Vermeer. We used one of his famous paintings as a starting point to create an object, that celebrates the intimacies of every day life.
Closed, the book seems like a classic note book with gold plated edges, but when the pages are fanned, it reveals the scene of a woman reading a letter and rises, as much as the original painting the questions: Which message does the letter contain? Who wrote it? What will happen next? The idea of a note book is to hide intimate thoughts and memories. We propose an object to contain these secrets which already contains a secret in itself.
Fore-Edge, the technique of illustrating book
edges has a long tradition. While back in the days, artists executed miniature paintings on the fanned pages, we now printed a 2mm stripe of the art work on each individual page of the book and moved it tenths of a mm on each sheet to generate the Fore-Edge effect.